MRCOOL Warranty: How long is it and what does it cover?

by Pete Lader January 04, 2023

MRCOOL Mini Split Warranty

MRCOOL - manufacturer of HVAC equipment, including Mini Splits - has long boasted one of the best warranty programs in the Heating/Cooling market. As of early 2023, they have announced their best warranty yet on the DIY 4th Generation Mini Splits:

  • a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Compressor/Condenser
  • 7 Year Compressor/Condenser Replacement Warranty
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty

Some items that you'll need to know before pulling the trigger on purchasing a MRCOOL unit:

  1. This only applies to 4th Generation DIY Mini Splits - find them all here
  2. The full warranty only applies when you enroll in the MRCOOL Care Program, which includes ordering the MRCOOL Care Kit twice a year at a low price. When you enroll in this program, the Care Kit will ship automatically every 6 months. 

Is the MRCOOL Care Kit worth the lifetime condenser warranty?

Similar to bringing your car into service, these HVAC systems require recurring maintenance for optimal performance, air quality and longevity. The comprehensive MRCOOL Care Kit will allow you to clean, disinfect and protect your DIY Mini Split system, thus extending their lifespans by ensuring the equipment to run at its most optimal operation. While no one can say for sure if it is "worth it", optimizing air flow performance on your new HVAC investments seems "worth it" in itself. 

How does the MRCOOL Mini Split registered warranty compare to Mitsubishi?

MRCOOL Mitsubishi

Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Compressor/Condenser

7 Year Compressor/Condenser Replacement Warranty

5 Year Parts Warranty

10 year Parts and Compressor Warranty (may not cover compressor replacement)


Register your MRCOOL DIY 4th Generation System here: 

Register Your Unit


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