How to charge EcoFlow DELTA Pro?

by Alex Goodwin February 15, 2024

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you power your life? Say hello to EcoFlow DELTA Pro, the world's first portable home battery system designed to raise your energy independence to new heights. With its innovative expandable ecosystem, cutting-edge technology, and versatile applications, the DELTA Pro is not just a power source – it's a game-changer.

What sets the DELTA Pro apart is its expandable capacity, ranging from 3.6 to 25 kWh with the addition of the DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery. This means you can customize your power solution to suit your specific needs, whether you're powering essential appliances during a blackout or running multiple devices on your outdoor adventures.

How to charge EcoFlow Delta Pro?

Charging your EcoFlow DELTA Pro is simple and convenient, offering you a variety of methods to ensure you always have power when you need it:

AC Charging

  • Plug into a standard wall outlet with up to 1800W capacity.
  • Customize charging speed using the EcoFlow app, ranging from 200W to 1800W.
  • Approx. Recharge Time: 1800W / 2.7 Hours

Solar Charging

  • Utilize up to three 400W Solar Panels to generate power.
  • Approx. Recharge Time: 1200W / 3.5-7 Hours

Car Charging

  • Utilize your car's outlet by plugging the charging cable into your car charging port and auxiliary power outlet.
  • Approx. Recharge Time: 37.5 Hours

Smart Generator Charging

  • Connect with the EcoFlow Smart Generator for additional power during emergencies.
  • Program the generator to activate when the DELTA Pro reaches a specified battery percentage, adjustable via the EcoFlow app.
  • Approx. Recharge Time: 1700W / 2.7 Hours

EV Charging Station

  • Take advantage of being the first portable home battery system capable of recharging at thousands of EV stations worldwide.
  • Approx. Recharge Time: 3400W / 1.7 Hours


Combine various charging methods for faster charging speeds:

  • AC Wall Outlet + Smart Generator = 3400W
  • AC Wall Outlet + Solar Panels = 3400W
  • Solar Panels + Smart Generator = 2600W
  • AC Wall Outlet + Solar Panels + Smart Generator = 6500W

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro goes beyond being a mere portable power station; it represents a comprehensive energy solution for your home, outdoor adventures, and professional endeavors. With its adaptable capacity, diverse charging options, and cutting-edge features, it marks a significant advancement in portable power technology. Bid farewell to power interruptions, exorbitant energy bills, and mobility constraints, and usher in a brighter, more sustainable future with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro.


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