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by Pete Lader October 25, 2022

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Mini split ductless air conditioners are among the most popular solutions for homeowners looking to install or upgrade their home’s climate control system. If you are shopping for a new mini split unit, you may have come across two American brands: DuctlessAire and MRCOOL. Discover the differences between each manufacturer and determine which produces the best home air conditioners.

Brand Overview: DuctlessAire vs. MRCOOL

DuctlessAire is a brand of mini split air conditioners owned by Ductless Supply, an American HVAC manufacturer based in Columbia, South Carolina. MRCOOL is also an American brand owned by the MRCOOL company, based in Hickory, Kentucky. MRCOOL offers home mini split systems designed for DIY installation by everyday homeowners. The company’s products are 100% designed and shipped from its Kentucky location.

Efficiency Comparison

Although mini splits may be visually similar from one brand to the next, no two systems are identical due to the vast differences in construction, features and cost-efficiency. One of the primary ways to compare mini split systems is by checking the SEER rating of each product.

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SEER Ratings Explained

If you are shopping for mini split systems for the first time, you might ask yourself, “What is a SEER rating, and why is it important?” SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating or SEER value of an air conditioner is a number representing its efficiency over an average cooling season. The higher the number, the less energy it consumes. 

When comparing two systems with the same capacity and number of zones, the product with the highest SEER rating is the most efficient. SEER ratings of 20 or more are considered highly energy-efficient. For example, when upgrading from a 24,000 BTU SEER 14 system to a newer 24,000 BTU unit with a SEER rating of 20, a homeowner can expect to spend 30% less on energy costs for the same cooling capacity. Consequently, paying attention to the SEER rating is important because higher-rated units help you save more money in the long term.

Which Brand Is More Efficient?

Unlike many other manufacturers, DuctlessAire categorizes its mini split systems by efficiency instead of capacity or number of zones, using the SEER ratings as a reference point. The South Carolina manufacturer offers three product tiers: Eco (SEER 13), Edge (SEER 15) and Evolution (SEER 21).

Although every product in each line meets or closely matches its associated average SEER rating, DuctlessAire doesn’t offer intermediate options or products with a higher efficiency rating than 21. However, all MRCOOL mini split systems are designed to meet SEER 16 as a minimum rating, with numerous products matching or exceeding 21. The highest-efficiency MRCOOL systems have a SEER rating of 27, among the highest on the market.

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Zoning and Capacity

One of the biggest differences between DuctlessAire and MRCOOL products is zoning and capacity. When shopping for a new mini split system, matching the number of units and the total system capacity to the size and number of rooms is crucial. This helps ensure the system can adequately and efficiently control the temperature in each area. The Department of Energy recommends about 20 BTU for each square foot that needs cooling. All DuctlessAire systems are single-zone, with capacities ranging between 9,000 BTU (450 sq. ft.) and 24,000 BTU (1,200 sq. ft.). While ideal for large single-room applications, such as living rooms, basements or attics, the company does not offer any multi-zone systems.

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MRCOOL DIY mini split systems are available in both single-zone and multi-zone configurations. Single-zone products range from 9,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU (1,500 sq. ft.), whereas multi-zone models reach up to 5 zones and 51,000 BTU (2,125 sq. ft.). Additionally, MRCOOL’s multi-zone systems are available in various combinations of indoor unit capacities, allowing you to select the ideal system for any house layout. 

For example, a tri-zone 27,000 BTU system where each indoor unit can output 9,000 BTU is ideal for cooling three rooms or areas of the same size. However, if you need to cool one large area and two smaller spaces, you may prefer a tri-zone 36,000 BTU system with two 9,000 BTU indoor air handlers and one 18,000 BTU indoor unit.

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