Does MRCOOL make ceiling cassette mini splits?

by Pete Lader November 23, 2022

Does MRCOOL make ceiling cassette mini splits?

Yes! As of late 2022, MRCOOL has released their brand new DIY Ceiling Cassette Air Handler/Indoor Unit that is compatible with the ever-so-popular DIY Condensers. The current 4th Gen offerings include 9K, 12K and 18K BTU. 

Why go with a ceiling cassette?

  • Low Profile. Some rooms aren't meant to have an Air Handler mounted on the wall. With the new Ceiling Cassette, the Air Handlers will blend in seamlessly with the Ceiling. 
  • Easy Installation. The MRCOOL Ceiling Cassettes fit between the standard 16" Ceiling Joists - including pre-manufactured I-joists. In other words, it's a no-hassle installation with ZERO ductwork necessary.
  • Mix & Match. Each room in your home is unique and you may want a Wall Mounted in one and a Ceiling Mounted in another. Not to fret, you can mix and match your favorite Cassettes and Wall Mounted Air Handlers that connect to one MRCOOL DIY Condenser!
  • Clean Air is Good Air. Some systems may get you the right temperature and air flow, but how clean is the air? With the new MRCOOL Ceiling Cassettes, you can clear the air filters with absolute ease using the elevate function

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