Best Appliance Brands: The Ultimate Guide

by Pete Lader March 25, 2022

Appliances from the best brands elevate a home’s livability and style. You use your appliances every day, from the refrigerator to the bathroom vanity, so it’s essential you select long-lasting and functional products that also add value to your home. Premium Home Source supplies custom home builders, kitchen designers and contractors with the most reliable and durable premium appliances. From high-end Fotile, Forno, Thor Kitchen and ZLINE appliances in the kitchen to KubeBath and Vanity Art bathroom fixtures, to Blaze Grills for an outdoor space, we have all the appliances you need to create a luxury living space. Check out all the best appliance brands and start planning your dream kitchen, bathroom or outdoor space today.

range and stove hood brands

Best Range and Stove Hood Brands

If you are the house chef, you know that a premium range and range hood setup makes cooking easier and healthier. A high-end range should offer ample cubic footage in the oven and enough burners for the most complicated dishes. A range hood gives a kitchen a bold and professional appearance while removing cooking pollutants from the kitchen and home. ZLINE, Thor Kitchen and Fotile have the best ranges and range hoods for your premium kitchen.

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ZLINE ranges and hoods

ZLINE is often compared with other luxury kitchen brands like Viking. However, while both brands offer outstanding functional features and luxe styling, the price differentiates ZLINE vs. Viking with ZLINE offering more affordable kitchen appliances and fixtures. If you want a variety of cooktop burner sizes, an ultra-deep oven and an elegant design, then ZLINE’s Autograph line of ranges is for you. 

The ZLINE Autograph 36" RGZ-WM-36-G model has six range top burners with BTU ratings from 4,200 to 18,000. Its gas convection oven has 4.6 ft³ of space and is dual lit for perfect visibility. Inspired by the beauty of Lake Tahoe, the ZLINE Autograph line comes with gold accents and matte white or black finishes. The Autograph line of range hoods combines DuraSnow white matte with a gold handle to pair with their range color scheme. With 400 or 700 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, your kitchen will stay fresh and clean. ZLINE’s Autograph series demonstrates its commitment to functionality and design through every product, making them one of the best appliance brands.

Thor Kitchen ranges and hoods

Thor appliances don’t sacrifice quality for style when it comes to cooking appliances. The Stainless Steel 48" HRD4803U and its 6.7 ft³ dual oven and 108,000 BTU combined burners will never leave you wanting more space, power or luxury. Its stainless steel exterior combines with a bold blue porcelain interior to create a stylish and professional range. Pair a Thor Kitchen range with one of their 48" under the cabinet range hoods to complete your cooking station. With such an expansive range, only a Thor 1,200 CFM range hood can supply the necessary ventilation. Thor Kitchen’s high-powered appliances supply cooks with professional cooking hardware in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Fotile ranges and hoods

Fotile’s selection of highly functional ranges focuses on minimalist design to give your space a sleek modern aesthetic. Fotile offers a no-nonsense practical range with five burners, 4.8 ft³ of oven space, six rack slots and additional features like a child lock. Smart, sleek and powerful, the Fotile Slant Vent Series is the prototype modern kitchen range hood. It has touch screen controls, an automatic opening baffle plate and three airflow levels. Even when ventilating at 850 CFM, the Fotile Slant Vent never exceeds 55 dB. It comes in Black Onyx, with stainless steel accents and a touch of gold on the control screen. If your dream kitchen is a modern or contemporary style, Fotile has the range hood for you. 

the best dishwasher brands

Best Dishwasher Brands

Premium dishwashers have become sleek, smart home integrated time-saving machines. ZLINE brings the elegance of their Autograph series to dishwashers, and Fotile’s innovative three-in-one kitchen sink dishwasher combination delivers an unparalleled space-saving option. Modern kitchens have a huge variety of color and machine types with the offerings from these two brands. 

ZLINE dishwashers

ZLINE dishwashers are characterized by their huge variety of finishes, hidden controls and large capacities. With more than ten different finishes and three accents, a ZLINE dishwasher makes a bold statement in the kitchen. The controls integrated into the top of the door hide them from view, which maintains the modern simplicity of a ZLINE dishwasher. 

Then there is the ZLINE dishwasher capacity. While there are options for 10, 15 and 16 place settings, there is also an ultra-capacity 20-place-setting option. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, one place setting is all the dishware, flatware and glasses associated with a table serving for one person. It includes a cup, saucer, dinner plate, fruit bowl, bread plate, 12 oz. tea glass, two teaspoons, one knife, one fork and one spoon. A ZLINE dishwasher can fit 20 of these sets in a single load.

Fotile’s three-in-one dishwasher

Fotile continues to cement itself as one of the best appliance brands with its smart appliances. Their Built-In Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Dishwasher Combination, SD2F-P1X, is a kitchen sink, dishwasher and food decontaminator all in one. The dishwasher is a top-loading machine with a three-place setting capacity perfect for a studio apartment or as an addition to another dishwasher. 

Best Sink and Faucet Brand

A premium sink and faucet pairing is characterized by bold design and intuitive function. They should be resistant to stains and match your kitchen’s other appliances. As one of the best appliance brands available, ZLINE offers high-end sinks and faucets with add-ons and smart design features.

ZLINE sinks and faucets 

ZLINE’s 33" SLS-33 kitchen sink is a step above the rest of the competitors. This handcrafted sink is extra deep for any washing job, has a creased basin for quick drainage and comes with five unique additions that turn it from a sink to an all-in-one workstation. Cut vegetables or meat with the insertable cutting board, wash fruit on the sliding colander and prioritize sanitation with the elevated utility rack. Combine the multi-faceted sink with a ZLINE Monet Kitchen Faucet. This is a pull-down faucet with a reserved design and matte black finish. It has a 1.8 gallon per minute water pressure and swivels 360° for unrestricted faucet control. ZLINE faucets also come in stainless steel and brushed nickel.

bathroom appliance brands

Best Bathroom Appliance Brands

Since bathrooms are relatively small rooms, the design elements are even more critical. Make the most out of your bathroom design with a top-of-the-line vanity and shower system that looks as good as it feels. Look to KubeBath’s modern shower appliance designs for the best shower appliances. For a vanity and bathroom sink, Vanity Art delivers minimalistic, technology-integrated appliances perfect for a contemporary bathroom.

KubeBath shower system

KubeBath earns its spot as one of the best appliance brands with the KubeBath Aqua Piazza Brass Shower Set. Its design is boldly angular, but its water flow is as gentle as light rainfall. The large 8" x 8" rain showerhead is responsible for the comfortable rainfall water flow. It also comes with four body jets that massage away tension with powerful streams of hot water.  The Aqua Piazza set comes in chrome and matte black. 

Vanity Art contemporary vanities

Your bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom design. It should also be stainproof and easy to clean. If you have a modern or contemporary bathroom, opt for the Vanity Art LED Lighted Wall-Hung Single-Sink Vanity. Vanity Art is an industry leader in modern bathroom design. This vanity’s glossy white finish and its horizontal lines emphasize its sleek aesthetic. Its wall mount, LED lighting and large mirror keep your bathroom feeling spacious even if it has low square footage. This vanity also has plenty of storage for all your bathroom and powder room supplies. With the storage combined with an LED-lit mirror, it’s easier than ever to get ready for a night out. 

best refrigerator brands

Best Refrigerator Brands

The refrigerator is the most-used appliance in your home and, unless they are integrated into your cabinetry, they are also some of the most visible appliances. Because of this visibility, it is crucial to consider the refrigerator’s finish and fixtures when purchasing a unit for your home. 

Energy consumption also plays a significant role when choosing a refrigerator. Fridges consume up to 4% of your total annual energy expenditure. Thor Kitchen and Forno offer some of the best energy-efficient appliances with sleek stainless steel finishes designed to last.

Thor Kitchen refrigerators

Thor Kitchen is a relatively recent appliance manufacturer based in California. But what it lacks in pedigree, it makes up for in build quality and design. Thor Kitchen fridges offer a luxe look and premium features at an affordable price. Their newest fridge is a 36” stainless steel, counter depth refrigerator with an in door ice and water maker. The simple design and it’s high quality is perfect for every family and kitchen.

Forno refrigerators

While Forno is primarily known for its outstanding ovens and range hoods, they also craft exceptional fridges, specializing in commercial-grade performance built-in units. The Forno Refrigerator & Freezer in Stainless Steel has a uniquely versatile design with two side-by-side units that can switch between fridge and freezer functionality. The two zones are independently adjustable with an electronically controlled thermostat. The no-frost feature eliminates bacteria and ice build-up to keep produce fresher for longer. 

Redesign Your Kitchen with Top Appliances

Best Outdoor Appliance Brands

Outdoor appliances are fantastic for summer grill-outs and family gatherings. They need to be highly durable and weather-resistant and mesh well with the surrounding landscaping. A built-in outdoor kitchen is made specifically for the outdoors with 304 steel that will never corrode and a style that seamlessly integrates onto a patio or deck. The outdoor appliance professionals at Blaze Grills and Thor Kitchen deliver everything an outdoor kitchen could need, from 43" grills to outdoor sinks and even outdoor pizza ovens. Each brands’ products are built from corrosive-proof 304 stainless steel to ensure they stay pristine for years with minimal maintenance. 

blaze professional grill nozzle

Blaze Grills

Blaze Grills provides premium outdoor kitchens without the high-end price tag. Their passion for outdoor living is apparent in every outdoor appliance they manufacture. The Blaze Professional 44" natural gas or propane grill with extra-large grill top ensures you’ll never run out of room for food again. It has four 18,000 BTU burners to accommodate its large grill face, and this Blaze Grill keeps gas consumption low with its oxygen-and-fuel-mixing system. Along with the centerpiece grill, look to Blaze Grills for other outdoor kitchen appliances like the Blaze Beverage Center, which combines a sink with an ice bin. Complete your outdoor kitchen with stainless steel storage cabinets, ice makers and roll-out trash bins for a complete outdoor living space.

Thor Kitchen

While Thor Kitchen is known for its luxurious and highly functional interior kitchen appliances, they also provide unique outdoor appliances. The Thor Kitchen Pizza Oven Cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel and comes with additional storage under the oven. The cooking area is 504 in², which accommodates its ceramic pizza stone. The Thor Pizza Oven comes with a pizza cutter, a server and a brush. For the pizza-loving family, this is a must-have outdoor appliance.

Get the Best Appliances at Premium Home Source

Whether you are a contractor working on a custom renovation or just want to upgrade your home’s appliances, trust Premium Home Source to supply the best brands. We have everything from cost-saving kitchen appliance packages to every piece of equipment needed for a dream outdoor kitchen. 

Contact Premium Home Source today to learn more about our catalog and services. With over 75 years of combined industry experience and the best appliance brands like ZLINE, Thor Kitchen, Blaze Grills and more, we are ready to help you.


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