5 Best Gas Ranges for Home Chefs

by Pete Lader March 31, 2022

For those who view cooking food as a luxurious experience, a gas range oven is a perfect appliance for your kitchen. Gas ranges cook food evenly and fast so you can transport food to your family and friends as soon as possible. Gas ranges provide instant heat when you light the burners and cool down quickly after turning them off. This feature gives gas ranges a safety advantage over their electrical counterparts. Gas ranges are more than twice as energy-efficient as electric ranges, making them the preferred choice for home chefs on a budget. Explore five gas ranges for home chefs that promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a professional quality cooking experience.

1. ZLINE Professional Gas Burner/Gas Oven

The ZLINE RG36 is an excellent centerpiece for kitchens with a classic design. Constructed from dent-resistant stainless steel and porcelain, this model is a durable option for home chefs concerned about damaging the range’s surfaces. From auxiliary to dual burners ranging from 4,200 BTU to 18,000 BTUs, the ZLINE RG36 has the cooking power for any dish.

After preparing a multi-course meal, any home chef will be happy to know that the ZLINE RG36 is easier to clean than 80% of other gas ranges on the market. This benefit is due to its cast-iron grill and Italian Burners. The reliability of high-quality ZLINE appliances and the hand-crafted quality of the RG36 make for an exceptional cooking experience.

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2. Thor Kitchen Professional Natural Gas Range

Those looking for an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on performance should consider the THOR Kitchen Natural Gas Range. Its 4.55ft3 oven capacity accommodates multiple dishes, and the model’s commercial convection fan offers controlled heat to cook your dishes quickly and efficiently. This option also features a storage drawer where you can store kitchen utensils and cookware.

Your dishes will finish cooking quickly with the THOR’s high-powered 18,000 BTU burner. A single-piece black porcelain spill tray removes the hassle from cleanup, while the burner control knobs and gray porcelain interior make this model easy to clean and offers a stylish look.

ZLINE Professional Gas Range

3. ZLINE Professional Gas Range

The ZLINE RG-BLM-36 provides powerful cooking performance while discreetly commanding your guests’ attention with its unique style. This model features a classic design and striking color contrast matched by its durability and ultra-deep oven capacity. 

Cleaning the ZLINE Professional Gas Range is easy. The model features a solid-piece cast-iron grill, and its built-in exterior timer keeps you on task when materializing your unique recipes. The range’s hand-crafted Italian burners provide searing heat that cooks your food evenly and efficiently.

4. Fotile 30 in. Slide In Gas Range

The Fotile 30 in. slide in gas range in stainless steal is craftfully designed and is fully equipped with professional features and functionality. With it’s large convection oven, easy to clean features and convection fan, this range will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. You’ll also find that the 18,000 BTU burners provide fast, powerful heat allowing you to cook large family meals at restaurant quality, without issue.

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Thor Kitchen 48 in. Professional Natural Gas Range

5. Thor Kitchen 48 in. Professional Natural Gas Range

Turn your home kitchen into a Michelin-starred restaurant with the Thor 48 in. Professional Natural Gas Range. This freestanding gas range with six sealed burners totaling 99,000 BTUs allows you to prepare any dish your taste buds desire. Its high-intensity 15,000 BTU griddle and infrared broiler complement your culinary skills, and the commercial convection fan distributes heat in a controlled manner, making your cooking efficient. The range’s heavy-duty knobs light up bright blue when the burner is on, providing extra safety while adjusting the temperature to any level.

Why Choose a Gas Range?

If you’re looking to impress your guests with your culinary creations, choose a gas range that fits your style and budget. Visualize top-quality kitchen ranges in your home and choose one that matches your cooking needs and home kitchen aesthetic. Whether you choose a range from ZLINE or the extensive catalog of Thor appliances, you’ll be combining efficiency, safety and style. With utility bills rising, the cost-effectiveness of a gas range over other options is a deciding factor for many. For maximum savings, check out Premium Home Source kitchen appliance packages that boost your savings on high-quality products.

Bring Efficiency and Style into Your Kitchen

The best gas range for your kitchen elevates your skills as a home chef. The gas range’s ability to cook your food evenly without robbing it of moisture is critical for creating delicious meals for your family and guests.

Find premium gas ranges at Premium Home Source. We carry brand-name home appliance packages to equip your kitchen with professional-quality ovens, refrigerators and range hoods. Shop our selection to discover the right gas range for your home. 


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