Why is Smeg so expensive?

by Pete Lader August 30, 2023

Why is Smeg so expensive?

Ever spotted a stylish appliance in a kitchen and wondered, "Why is Smeg so expensive?" Well, there's more than what meets the eye. Smeg, a globally recognized brand, is known for its distinctive kitchen gadgets. Whether it's their spacious refrigerators, functional ovens, chic toasters or elegant kettles, Smeg stands out from the crowd.

Brand Legacy & Trust

Smeg isn't just another name in the kitchen. They're up there with big shots like Miele, Bertazzoni, and Viking. Over the years, as Smeg introduced smaller appliances, they've only expanded their footprint in our kitchens. A recognizable brand symbolizes trust and reliability, making consumers more inclined to invest in their products.

Award Winning Design

When shopping for appliances, you'll find brands that fit every budget, from affordable options like GE and Samsung to luxury choices like Viking and Sub-Zero. Smeg, however, offers a unique blend of affordable luxury with unparalleled design. Their appliances aren’t just efficient—they're showpieces you'd be excited to flaunt.

Italian Manufacturing

Many might not realize, but where an appliance is made can have a significant impact on its quality. While several brands choose to manufacture in Asian countries for cost-saving benefits, it sometimes raises questions about quality control. Smeg, on the other hand, takes pride in crafting its primary appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and ranges in the heart of Italy. Italy's reputation for superior design and precise engineering isn't just a stereotype. It's evident in other renowned brands like Bertazzoni, Fulgor Milano, and ILVE.

Manufacturing in Italy will increase the price due to the cost of labor and materials, but the increase in craftsmanship and premium materials make it worth it for the homeowner. Clearly, the Italian touch adds a sprinkle of magic to kitchen appliances.

Standout Features

Beyond the brand and design, Smeg appliances stand out with their features geared towards those who want professional appliances. The kitchen ranges have powerful brass burners, large oven capacities and soft-close doors. The built-in coffee machines offer 13 settings with a built-in grinder.

Smeg's Price Point

Smeg's higher price point can be attributed to its commitment to design, quality, brand reputation, and Italian craftsmanship. While priced at the higher end of appliances, you get what you pay for!

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  • We have the double slice toaster, kettle and smaller coffee maker. We love all of them except the handle on the coffee maker came right off. Unfortunately we have no box and cannot find the receipt. We have everything for the toaster and kettle. I hope you can help us with this. I wear gloves to pour the coffee lol. Thank you 😊

    Cathy Jardine on

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