5 Reasons You Should Buy ZLINE Brass Burners

by Pete Lader March 15, 2021

One of the most common questions in the kitchen world has been: should I buy Aluminum or ZLINE Brass Burners?

We at Premium Home Source (ZLINE's top Authorized Dealer & Partner), will provide you with the information you'll need to determine if they are worth the couple hundred extra dollars!

To understand which to buy, let's first understand the significance of the burners. For gas and dual fuel ranges, the cooktop will be powered by gas (either natural or propane gas). These burners distribute the gas that will be used for cooking breakfast meals like eggs and bacon to dinner meals like pasta and your favorite chicken or vegan meal. The material of the burners is important for heat distribution and retention - which will determine the quality of your favorite foods!

ZLINE Italian Brass Burners


If you are thinking about the ZLINE Brass Burners, here are the 5 biggest benefits of buying Brass Burners:

  1. Heat Distribution. Brass Burners is an alloy of copper and zinc. What does this mean? It is denser than aluminum. This allows heat to be distributed more evenly. This will result in a more optimal cooking experience and end result.
  2. Heat Retention. Due to the denser material of brass, the heat also maintains the desired temperature more efficiently than aluminum. Again, this effective heat retention will undoubtedly result in a more optimal cooking experience and end product. 
  3. Durability. You get what you pay for with these brass burners. The brass material is corrosion, stain and grime resistant. It will 100% last longer than traditional aluminum burners.
  4. Easier To Clean. Another underrated benefit of brass burners is that the material is resistant to stains and grimes. Why is this important? It'll reduce the numbers of times you will need to clean the burners, and when you do need to clean them, it'll be a lot easier.
  5. Professional Luxury. Made in Italy, these Brass Burners offer our customers a luxury design for those looking to take their kitchen to another level. The Brass color gives any kitchen the final touches to a luxurious look that will be sure to impress any in-laws!

Best Selling Ranges with Brass Burners

  • 30" Dual Fuel Range (LINK)
  • 36" Dual Fuel Range (LINK)
  • 48" Dual Fuel Range (LINK)
  • Full List (LINK)


Not only do the burners offer superior cooking performance, durability and longevity, these burners are sure to complete that professional & unique look that you as a homeowner are looking for!

The price to upgrade to the brass burners will usually range from $300-$500 and is certainly worth it in most cases. 

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected]


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