ZLINE Kitchen & Bath Frequently Asked Questions

by Pete Lader June 30, 2021

Where are ZLINE appliances manufactured and made?

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a 100% American owned appliance company.  To provide customers with exceptional quality appliances, parts and premium materials are sourced from the United States, Italy, and Germany. The materials are specially assembled in ZLINE owned facilities located within Asia.

Everything from planning and designing the product, shipping the product to customers, and customer service are all located in USA.

Where are the ZLINE offices? 

ZLINE has offices strategically located in the US. The headquarters are located in Reno, Nevada and there are two other locations in Tennessee and Ohio.

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath Locations


Who makes ZLINE appliances?

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath was founded by Andy Zuro. ZLINE parts are sourced from the best suppliers in the world, however, kitchen and bath appliances are designed and shipped by Andy Zuro himself and the ZLINE team in Nevada. 

Is ZLINE a good brand?

The simple answer is, yes! ZLINE is amongst the best appliance brands on the market today. Why is ZLINE one of the best? When it comes to quality ZLINE is the way to go! Compared to other appliance brands, ZLINE is known for providing the best of the best quality for an affordable price.

Why is this?

ZLINE is built on the philosophy that “Luxury should never be left desired - It's meant to be attainable.” With that being said, there is simply no ZLINE product that will not bring value to your home. Elevation is key. Each product released by ZLINE is specially designed and screams Luxurious...hypothetically speaking of course. 

There is something for everybody and every home. Just check out our website! ZLINE provides an endless selection with many unique designs, colors, and fixtures to choose from.

What is ZLINE's most popular products? 

It's a firm believer that ZLINE's most popular products are their ranges and range hoods. ZLINE provides specially crafted ranges in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit any style home. Appliances are even catered to be finger-print resistant, or what we like to call "child resistant." Sounds great right?

Read more about ZLINE's innovative Stainless Steel - DuraSnow® vs. Stainless Steel

 ZLINE Kitchen and Bath


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